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Please help us to continue Brigita's mission

It`s been a year since our neighbour madam Brigita passed away. Everyone remembers how she helped, fed and protected several stray cats in our vicinity. For a longest time the poor animals continued to come to her windows in hopes. Mme Brigitta had regularly fed cats, birds and even hedgehogs. She hid cats in her shed when it was freezing outside. Nowadays, since Mme Brigita passed on, the animals don`t have a place to keep warm in cold Latvian winters. Two elderly women who are now feeding those cats, cared so much they`ve made cardboard little houses for them. And though those are not nearly warm, durable or comfortable enough for the animals to live in, still they were never empty during last winter. Cats are grateful for the shelter. Please, support the cause and help us to build a good, quaility and beautiful home for them in the memory of a great person and her big kind heart. Let the candle of light continue to burn even after the one who had lit it passed away. One of the cats has recently died because he was hiding from the rain under a car, but two neutered lady cats and one old man are holding on, Sometimes other stray cats come to eat with them as well. It`s uncomfortable to feed them as crows and other birds scare cats away and as for now there is no place to leave the food for the cats. That`s why a house with an inbuilt closed dining room in addition to warm and dry bedrooms is needed so very much. It is, however, impossible, to ensure a home for those cats without people`s help – just as a vast majority of Latvian pensioners (and the inhabitants of the area are mainly pensioners) the women can not pay more then 20€ euros for a cat house. Let`s help them together! It`s only 90€ euros left to raise. Thanks to Julia Calpe for translation. Account: Šri Ganeša LV27HABA0551056657231 Reg. 40008255244 Riga, Bruninieku 65, LV-1011 Merkis: Ziedojums Kaķīšu iela 58 PayPal:


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