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To wait, to hope, to believe!

It's been two years since we started looking for a home. She is still alive – for now... Two years of hopes have passed. Smilga is the name for bentgrass in Latvian – because she is as tender and lovely, as if plaited bent grass. So slender, soft and fragile, her personality is amazingly calm, quiet, dear and coy.

My cats sometimes take advantage of her due to such tender character, and thus she leads her life a little off the main crowd, looking as the lucky ones from outside, though she wants to be closer so much. I brought Smilga home from a parking lot where she wound up through no fault of her own.

The life has marked her. Smilga has chronic runny nose which will never go away. That is why we are looking for someone, who would take care of her. Someone, who longs for real connection, who is looking for unconditional love.

Please call 26849683 Baiba.

Thanks to Julia Calpe for translation.

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