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Former residents of 38 Kitty Street. 4th. Story. Persistency – The story of cat Sir

It happened that I had all the information about this cat even though he wasn’t living in my neighborhood. To place THE CAT I posted adverts and spoke to people on the phone tirelessly. When I finally had a stroke of luck, I found a family not just for THE CAT, but for a few others.

Here is how it all began. I received a call from a lady with a queen’s name who said that she really wanted to help THE CAT. Sh

e also mentioned that she was allergic to cats, but was willing to give it a try. As much as I liked her enthusiasm, I told her that this was not a good idea and soon after THE CAT found a home elsewhere.

“If I’m ever in a dead end situation, I will definitely give you a call” – I told the lady. Giving a pet to a person with an allergy and contributing to the problem is not something I would normally do.

Some time had passed and to my surprise I got an interesting call. The lady with a queen’s name called to anxiously ask if I had been trying to reach her. She explained that her phone had been acting up and she was worried that I might have not been able to get hold of her. To tell the truth, I’ve never come across that kind of determination and persistency!

As it happens, I did end up calling the lady afterwards. At that time I was fostering a cat that really resembled Santa Claus. He was gray and had a little beard. He, however, was not as friendly as Santa Claus. While I was taking care of ‘Santa Claus’ I had to look after another cat who had poor health and no tail. You must have already read the story of Melissa from Kitty Cat Street project (Kaķīšu ielā). She could not get along with the gray cat, so I had to find a home for one of them as soon as possible.

I picked up the phone and called the allergic cat-loving lady. The next day the lady with a queen’s name came over and took the gray cat who to this day lives happily with her and now goes by the name of Sir.

Thanks to Margarita Atlasova for the translation.

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