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Former residents of 38 Kitty Street. 5th. Story. Five shades of Camilla’s adoption.

Kitty cat Camilla was looking for a home. She was abandoned by no fault of her own. Young. Beautiful. Smart. Majestic. Well behaved. This story is about Camilla’s adoption which consisted of several ads, numerous calls and a series of unexpected events. First shade. I offered my colleague to foster the cat in the hope that she would want to keep Camilla after taking care of her for a little while. She brought the cat back after a week saying that taking care of her was hard work. Second shade. We took Camilla to Kurzeme hoping to find her a permanent home there. What we saw at her potential home made us very concerned. We could not leave Camilla there so we took her back and decided to keep looking for the right home. Third shade. We received a call from a woman who said that her handicapped son had lost his cat and was feeling very lonely. She explained that they lived in a house and he wanted to have someone to take care of. It seemed like things were finally looking up for Camilla. When we came to visit the woman’s son was very enthusiastic and showed us the photos of his previous cat. Things were falling into place and it felt like a done deal. A few days later we got a call from him saying that he no longer wanted to adopt Camilla because she was nothing like his previous cat. Fourth shade. As my vacation was approaching I had to find a place for Camilla to stay. I was going to the countryside and could not take her with me. I had to figure something out. As I was pondering over this, I received a call from a lady who lived on a neighboring street. She was a pensioner and a former dog owner who had now decided to adopt a cat. I took Camilla over to introduce her to the new potential owner. The lady and I had some tea and talked about life, art and everything under the sun. We parted on a happy note and I felt that Camilla was finally in good hands. While I was on vacation I got a call from the lady saying that she wants to return the cat. She said that Camilla’s behavior was not very “dog-like” and that she meowed a lot when she got locked in. What could I say? I picked Camilla up and we were back at square one. Fifth shade. This time I got a phone call from Vidzeme and it was a happy ending. Many years have now passed since that phone call and it makes me happy to know that on that day fate had finally brought Camilla together with her new family. After all that has happened, she finally found her permanent home with loving and caring owners. Thanks to Margarita Atlasova for translation. On the photo Camilla celebrating Christmas in 2016, 5 years after she found her permanent home.

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