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Moving to the safe place

In connection with the sale of the land, the cat's colony on Rezeknes Street 5 and the houses built by the Shri Ganesha community were under threat. By now this problem is solved by moving houses and tenants to the territory belonging to the shop of varnish and paints. A big thank you for understanding and responsiveness to the head of the store!

All who participated in the resettlement, hope that the cats will accept a new place, and the owner of the land will not change his decision.

We thank all who participated and helped in resettlement! Thanks Daiga, Sandra, Agris, Krista, Raiviso, Rihards, Maija, Maris.

But there is another very, very big problem and a request - when resettled in one of the houses, a cat with newborns was found. It seems four. Mom is three-colored, kids are red. Respond, who can give a temporary shelter to a cat family !!! Call Vita t. 29981614

Baiba Prikule Vita Ievina

Thanks Julia Lebedeva for translation

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