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Event #7 - Fluffy Easter Sconto

We would like to thank the organizers of the “

” exhibition ( ) on April 14-16, 2017 for letting us participate, and all who help us in our project.

Many of us don’t know about the problem of abandoned cats, but still, it does exist. And it is up to us to solve the issue.

We can help abandoned city cats and make our city more beautiful simultaneously by uniting beauty and a practical side.

Making outdoor shelters for abandoned cats is both a kind and essential deed which is hard to do alone. Together we can do much more! Everyone can help, not just financially (, but in assisting to build outdoor shelters for the cats with us (, and in posting info about our mission. Also, you can simply inform “Kaķīšu iela” on places where the abandoned cats are in need of safe and cozy outdoor shelters.

Many people passing by abandoned cats in the streets are sorry for them but are not aware how they can easily give real help.

Taking part in the exhibition, our goal was to say that help is possible for the hard lives of these abandoned cats.

At first, many visitors were surprised to know that voluntary organizations like “Kaķīšu iela” exist at all, and they supported us willingly by donating toward making outdoor shelters. The donations we gathered that day (52 euro 47 cents, in total) are now enough to build another outdoor shelter.

It is vital that we don’t pass by the cats in the street thinking that someone else will help them, and as a result poor innocent creatures are at risk to freeze and starve to death. It is absolutely up to everyone to make them live, and their lives are dependent upon our help. During the exhibition time we realized that people just don’t have enough info about the issue. Many citizens don’t really know about the scope of the problem and therefore don’t know how to help.

Together we are strong and can definitely make our city environment more beautiful and cosy as well as humane and full of kindness. Our attitude towards those who are weaker and helpless makes us human. By helping abandoned animals we and our kids learn to be kinder and the given sympathy will be repaid a thousandfold, indeed.

Please take your chance to #creategooddeed

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