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The home of Diamond

A story of kitty cat faces:

Almaz (‘Diamond’ in English) - abandoned in August 2016. His owner moved to Russia and left the cat on the street next to a ‘Mego’ store where Almaz was hiding under cars for several days until he made friends with the pet-friendly pharmacy that was introduced to him by another cat: his friend, Mickey. Mickey (the cat with the collar) – a household cat that lives in a nearby home. Since the pharmacy on Grivas Street closed down, he spends more time brightening up Almaz’ solitude which is turn makes Almaz happier. It was much harder for Almaz when Mickey would spend all his days at the pharmacy (especially during cold days forgetting about his friend).

Same as Mickey, Chelsea has a home close to the pharmacy that her and Mickey used to visit and get food at until it closed. Chelsea spends her days roaming in the back yard on her own during the day, and the owners take her into the house at night.

Mickey and Chelsea are actually related. Mickey is Chelsea’s son. Unfortunately they’re not as close as one would think since Chelsea chases Mickey around and hisses at him from time to time (now Almaz gets to experience that too). Mickey gives Chelsea the same treatment. That’s how they coexist in a state of constant cold war.

On the other hand, Mickey and Almaz have a strong friendship even thought they have very different personalities. Mickey is a brave adventurer while Almaz is a total scaredy-cat. Based on their physical appearance you’d probably think the opposite. The new house that we built for the cats was first inspected by Mickey – he ran right inside and started looking around. Almaz, as always, followed his lead. He perked up and found the courage to go inside the house as well. When we first installed the new house and took the old house to Plyusha (a homeless cat who lives on Bullyu Street), Almaz ran up to complain and began asking us where his old house was. This behavior continued until Mickey got involved and resolved the situation. Almaz only feels confident and happy when Mickey is near. When Mickey is around, all is well in the world and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Mickey shows Almaz around the surrounding areas and they both chase rats in the back yard of Mickey’s home territory. Right now Almaz is making up for what he missed during winter. He’s enjoying the warm weather, which is why he hardly spends any time in the new kitty house.

When Inga and I arranged for a cleaning day to spruce up his house, Almaz spent the whole time sitting on his beloved cabinet, curiously watching us take care of his house and the area around it. After that, he and his friend Mickey spent all evening running around in excitement admiring their new house.

Today Almaz is in full ownership of his new property.

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