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Cats need their own house

Dear friends, please help us fund the construction of a new house for cats from Slokas street 112.

A year ago we built a spacious two store house for local cat colony. 4 cats inhabited it, while the loner Lana didn't fit in, and we added a smaller house nearby for her.

Two elderly cats went over the rainbow bridge this winter and the four room house became too huge for two remaining animals. As there are many homeless cats in need for such houses we decided to move the bigger building to another location - Vaidoletes 19 - where a colony of 7 cats resides (all of them neutered). We would really like to make their street life better with the spacious and warm house, while making a more suitable smaller one for the cats from Slokas street of the same quality.

Part of the sum (110€) we hope to collect with your help. Thank you very much in advance! Costs: Materials and transportation is 110€ Chipped in by cat carers are 30€ Remaining amount at the moment is 80€

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