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Kaķīšu iela 34

Since 2006 two elderly women Maiga and Vija have been taking care of the homeless cats living right next to the forest, on the final bus stop in Bergi, a district on the border of Riga. Since that time number of cats has risen drastically. Often so called "people" left cats and kittens there on the bus stop in order to get rid of them, in some cases leaving them right in the dumpster. Those who survived gradually found the place where local cats fed and stayed there, so multiplying the colony.

When the number of cats went up to 20, the two women weren't able to maintain them on their own anymore and turned for help to the Riga City Council and the society for animal protection "Tutti". Maiga and Vija are very grateful to those organizations for help in sterilization of the cats.

All the cats are well kept and fed, and all, except one - Puma - are spayed or neutered.

Unfortunately, the women are not moguls and the only money they got are those of their pensions, which is not nearly enough for the job, especially now with cold winter coming soon. The cardboard boxes the cats inhabit at the moment are too feeble to keep them warm. Cats get cold and sick, and medicine that is necessary because of that still adds to the expanses. A much needed help to those animals would be a good and warm place to live through the winters to come.

If your heart beats with love and compassion please consider helping those betrayed cats to acquire new home. They will be so happy in a new, warm and spacey house. Cost of the materials necessary for construction of a house for 18 adult cats and 3 little kittens is only 180€!

Every cat and kitten will have their own place, as the overall living space of the building will include 8 chambers measuring 60x60 cm. Just look at the little faces in the pictures - don't they deserve a home? The house will serve them and those who will come for many many years. A own place is really a matter of survival for them. So we plead you to help in any way you can.

If you wish to take part in this important and kind initiative, you may send a donation to the makers of such houses. All the good always comes around.

All the information on the incoming money and it's use will be published here. If you would like to follow the life of the cats from Bergi just LIKE the page and you will get updated on the latest developments as well as photos and videos!

The Šri Ganeša will use all the money solely for the purpose of building houses, there will be no "administration" or other costs of any kind. If there will be more money than strictly necessary for the building of the house for animals in Bergi, the rest will be used for making of houses for other homeless cats in need, and all corresponding information will be published here as well.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have on the matter through the page or by calling Šri Ganesha by phone +371 203-45-307.

"Biedriba Šri Ganeša" LV93HABA0551042428762 Reg. 40008255244 Riga, Bruninieku 65, LV-1011 Payment details: Donation

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