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Double Happiness

We have some very big and happy news! There are two things we are celebrating – not only has Lucy been found, but as it turns out, both her and her sister, Missy, found a new home.

Here’s a story of how it all happened told by the new owners of these two lovely kitties:

This year our family expanded to include two beautiful female cats. It was actually our relatives from a different neighborhood who told us about this friendly kitten who was living in the backyard of their building. We knew right then and there that we had to have her. When we came to collect the kitten, she was chasing dry leaves with her sisters, which made catching her quite a challenge.

Her first day at our house was the hardest one, but over a week’s time she fully adapted and got used to living with us. We decided to name her Pippa. After a month she was joined by her sister – Loup-loup (which means ‘wolf’ in French). Once Pippa got used to living in her new home she forgot all about her blood relations so Loup-loup did not receive a warm welcome. Luckily, the desire to play and have company was stronger and sisters became inseparable yet again.

Our cats have tuxedo coats and are considered to be ‘forest’ cats. They have fluffy tails and luxurious royal collars. Our ‘girls’ are tidy, sweet and they love to play with their toys. Their voices are quiet and vibrating. Now that they’ve been living with us for a while, they each have a favorite spot in the house. As far as their character and personality goes, they are very intelligent and respectful of their owner. Vengeance is not one of their qualities. They do like to purr and socialize with people.

When you take a cat from the street into your home it’s imperative to make a vet appointment as soon as possible in order to perform all the parasite treatments (we used mainstream medication that is applied to the back of the neck, pain-free) and get the necessary vaccinations. It’s also important to give your new cat a bath with a special shampoo from a pet store.

When Pippa first moved in, she was looking for soil as a place to litter so we had to bring some from the outside and put it in her litter box. Second time around we mixed some soil with her cat litter to help her adjust to her new bathroom routine. After this, we used cat litter on its own and she’s been happy to use her litter box soil-free ever since. Loup-loup is a smart girl who follows Pippa’s example, so we don’t need to worry about her. It is considered that cats growing up in the company of other cats tend to be healthier and live longer which is why we are very happy that Pippa and Loup-loup have each other. Our new family members do really fill us with joy. It really hurts to say that unfortunately, we can’t take their sister, Missy, who is now all alone out there on the street. We really hope to find somebody who will want to give a home to this amazing cat. She’s even fluffier than the other two sisters (true Siberian). She’s larger than Pippa and Loup-loup, but as sociable and as sweet as her sisters.

She happily plays with everyone, even dogs!

Lastly, I want to make an appeal to my fellow animal lovers. For those taking these homeless animals into their homes, please notify the people who feed them. You see people do worry when one of these cats goes missing. It’s so easy to get attached to these beautiful animals and it helps knowing that they are safe and sound in a new home. If you are planning to give a home to one of these cats, I ask that you please leave a note inside one of the kitty houses or call the number provided.

Thank you. Social-ecological charity program: Kakisu iela.

Thanks to Margarita Atlasova for translation.

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