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Sonia’s house! Kaķīšu iela 38

Sonia’s newly built house was delivered to the designated address.

Thank you to those who made this possible and helped out. A very special thank you goes to Svjatoslav for his kind heart, endless passion for his work, master craftsmanship and impeccable results.

A group of cats who live in the backyard of the building look surprised seeing the new house for the first time. They are probably wondering: “Could this house actually be for cats?” Without a doubt, they are tremendously appreciative of this new special ‘building’. People are even more surprised by this house than cats. A man parking his car close by can’t help but happily proclaim: “This house must have been built for one lucky cat!”

Sonia is gradually getting used to her new house. When it was being installed, Sonia got frightened by the commotion so she ran off and hid. Today we saw her eating outside the house and throwing interested glances at the interior of her new home. Once the sun came out, Sonia left for her stroll..

The key is not to rush Sonia. We want her to take her time, get used to the new house and make it her own.

The most important thing is that she now has a place to return to.

Thanks to Margarita Atlasova for translation.

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