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Sonechka’s story.

Sonechka came into our lives a couple of years back. We got her quite unexpectedly as if she fell out of the sky right into our lives. The cat would keep her distance from other animals in the neighborhood – she did not like company. As her accommodation she chose a metal garage in the yard. When the garage was demolished, we put together a makeshift house for her from old furniture pieces. She happily moved in and spent even the coldest winter days in it.

Every yard has its own rules. Eventually Sonya’s house got overtaken by a big ginger cat, Pomerancis, who also came to appreciate the benefits of separate accommodation.

Last autumn Sonya did not have a place to hide from bad weather so she nestled in the bushes, found shelter in the old burnt down cabin and spent her days shivering under cars. The cold weather in Latvia is ruthless. This is exactly why it is so important to provide accommodation for cats like Sonechka who just like us need warmth and protection from dangers and bad weather.

Big thank you to all those who helped provide Sonya will a roof over her head.

We hope that her shelter will not be overtaken again by someone bigger, stronger and bolder.

We collected €35 in donations to build Sonechka’s permanent house.


You too can donate and help provide shelter to cats who desperately need roof over their heads!

Biedriba Šri Ganeša LV93HABA0551042428762 Reg. 40008255244 Riga, Bruninieku 65, LV-1011 Details: Donation for Kitty street 38

Thanks to Margarita Atlasova for translation.

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