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Kaķīšu iela 28 - Three little kittens

Three little cuties Lussy, Mussy and Dussy were born this summer to a cat mom, who soon got pregnant again and left the babies. Lots of people have been feeding the kittens and they are growing up friendly and playful. The girls are happy to see everyone, who comes near to play with them (even friendly dogs). The three kitties are so affectionate they are reluctant to let go of some of their friends and will follow them for a longest time. It was a difficult job to make them go back, especially since up until recently there was nowhere to go back to. They lived in a small window made of stones for a gas pipe. And that, with cold winter coming soon. Unfortunately, all the posts about those playful furry cuties didn't work and they are still looking for a good and loving families.

But at least they now have THEIR OWN HOUSE! It`s big, it`s warm, it has a nice dry hay on the floor, and even a veranda where the food won`t get wet on the rainy day - everything that a cat needs :-) We are planning their vaccination soon, and sterilization when they are of age. Kind people are still taking care of them, some coming from neighborhood areas just for that.

There is one thing we would like to ask on behalf of the little girls. Please help us with their vaccination so they don`t suffer from awful cat diseases the streets are so dangerously full of.

All the information on the incoming money and it's use will be published here. If you would like to follow the life of the three little sisters just LIKE the page and you will get updated on the latest developments as well as photos and videos of them! We also hope tat such a furry happy beings, playful and wonderfully friendly to both people and dogs will find their families and will live their little yet so real life surrounded by love and care.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have on the matter through the page or by calling Šri Ganesha by phone +371 203-45-307.

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