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Hi! 🐾

We are Kitty Street, charitable social and environmental program for cats in Riga, Latvia.


Our organization, founded in 2016, has provided over a hundred homes for homeless cats across Latvia. We're also continuously improving the design of these houses, making them cozy for cats and visually appealing.
We actively feed, sterilize, and provide medical care to these animals, relying on donations and volunteer support to fulfill our mission.

Latvia's past two decades have brought economic challenges and emigration, resulting in a rising number of animals without homes. Cats, in particular, face neglect, as no state program addresses this issue, and municipal funding falls short, even for the 'catch-sterilize-release' program (operating solely in Riga).

Despite a few private organizations and charities working tirelessly on sterilization and shelter, the sheer number of street cats, estimated at 120,000 in Riga alone, remains overwhelming. Harsh winters, with temperatures plummeting to -20°C, further compound the issue.

Caring locals attempt makeshift shelters, but they often lack warmth, hygiene, and aesthetics, leading to destruction and community tension, affecting the reputation of animal activists and cat feeders.

Our program aims to address these challenges by:

  1. Creating comfortable shelters for cats.

  2. Providing regular meals.

  3. Sterilizing and providing medical care for sick cats.

  4. Encouraging adoption.

  5. Installing attractive cat houses in the city.

  6. Raising awareness about the issue.


However, the demand for cat houses and the rest of help far exceeds the contributions from our citizens, due to the country's tough economic situation.

That's why we're reaching out to seek help from abroad.
Your contribution, no matter how modest, is a beacon of hope in their challenging journey to find comfort and care.


Every cat deserves a warm and loving home.


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